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Your consultation will be with German born Margot O'Donoghue Bsc, MA, educated in Essen, Middlesex University and CFAR trained in the Lacanian tradition, often thought of as the deepest and most challenging of psychological schools. Margot has lived in North London for most of her adult life. Her experience includes counselling life prisoners in Holloway Prison as well as assisting victims of Nazi death camps. Her clients today often come from highly pressured positions in the City and the media.

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Gambling Addiction Counselling
Whilst gambling is seen by many as a sport or hobby it can not only ruin the gambler’s life but also the lives of those around them. In fact most pathological gambling starts as a bit of fun, which gets out of control, crossing the threshold between pleasure and pain. The problem gambler displays behaviours that can compromise, disrupt or damage personal, family or professional life.

Chasing is the term used for attempting to win back previous losses and often leads to disastrous financial consequences. The gambler incurs debts and may even start to steal money from family and friends in order to continue the addictive behaviour.

Why people become addicted to gambling varies from person to person and may be explored in individual therapy or counselling. A non-judgmental counsellor can help put winning and losing into realistic perspective. They can work with the gambler to construct a plan of action to repay debts and give support to their attempt to stop or limit gambling.

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