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Your consultation will be with German born Margot O'Donoghue Bsc, MA, educated in Essen, Middlesex University and CFAR trained in the Lacanian tradition, often thought of as the deepest and most challenging of psychological schools. Margot has lived in North London for most of her adult life. Her experience includes counselling life prisoners in Holloway Prison as well as assisting victims of Nazi death camps. Her clients today often come from highly pressured positions in the City and the media.

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Compulsive sexual behaviour
Understanding the root of the problem usually goes a long way to resolving issues but what is normal sexual behaviour? Opinions can differ from one individual to another and one professional to another.

Again the first and biggest step for an individual is to recognise their desires and behaviour as a cause of concern to themselves or others. Maybe they are happy with their state of mind and it is their partner that forces them to take note of their behaviour.

Generally compulsive sexual behaviour divides into two types: paraphilic and non-paraphilic.

Nonparaphilic CSB
Conventional sexual behaviors, obsessive and compulsive interfering with normal life:
1 A need for new partners to use as sex objects.
2 A fixation with an unobtainable individual, like a celebrity, maybe leading to stalking.
3 A compulsive fixation with masturbation.
4 A fixation with sex in a relationship.
5 An addiction or fixation with sex in general.

Paraphilic CSB
Unconventional obsessive and compulsive sexual behaviors to gain arousall:
1 Sadism (administering pain)
2 Masochism (receiving administration of pain)
3 Transvestism (dressing as opposite sex)
4 Voyeurism (watching an unsuspecting person)
5 Exhibitionism (exposing one's genitals in public)
6 Frotteurism (touching an unsuspecting person)
7 Paedophilia (a sexual interest in children)

Sexual disorder
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