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What you pay is arranged between you and our inhouse psychotherapist or the professional we refer you to.

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Your consultation will be with German born Margot O'Donoghue Bsc, MA, educated in Essen, Middlesex University and CFAR trained in the Lacanian tradition, often thought of as the deepest and most challenging of psychological schools. Margot has lived in North London for most of her adult life. Her experience includes counselling life prisoners in Holloway Prison as well as assisting victims of Nazi death camps. Her clients today often come from highly pressured positions in the City and the media.

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Psychotherapy is for everyone.
"I have worked with extreme cases and also brought up a family so rest assured I can take your problems in my stride. I will put you at ease and explore your particular psychological concerns, then I may refer you to other specialists if together we agree that is best. Psychotherapy is a means to an end and that end is to resolve your particular issues i so that they no longer interefere in your life like they did before. Psychotherapy is not a quick fix and it doesn't instantly change you and make your problems go away. However clients often experience intense moments of insight, recalling past events and putting them into a new context regarding their current behaviour. They have been known to leave the session quite euphoric when certain thoughts or observations have struck a chord and acheived a significant break through. What psychotherapy does, is give us the capabilty to understand the root of our problems and many clients look forward to confiding in a psychotherapist in a way they cannot with the rest of the world. If you are open and ready, psychotherapy is about the most therapeutic thing anyone can undertake and can pay real dividends, particularly if you are holding down a high powered job."

Margot O'Donoghue

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